Library Newsletters

The following Newsletters are available at the Center for Real Estate Library.

Newsletter Title Dates
Appraiser News 1991-1995
Capital Sources for Real Estate 1994-2000
Commercial Leasing Law and Strategy 1993-present
Commercial Mortgage Alert 2001-2002
Federal Housing Finance Board News 1990-2000
FreddieMac Reports 1984-1991
Holm Mortgage Finance Report 1995-present
Housing Demand Report 1989-1993
Housing Economics 1992-2001
Housing Finance 1981-1983
Housing Market Report 1997-2006
Korpacz Real Estate Investor Survey 1996-present
Land Use Law and Zoning Digest 1994-2003
Mortgage and Real Estate Executive’s Report 1986-present
Real Estate Financing Update 1985-1993
Real Estate Investing Letter 1986-1991
Real Estate Law Report 1992-present
Real Estate Tax Ideas 1986-2001
RERC Real Estate Report 1992-1994
RTC Review 1990-1995
Secondary Market Weekly Newsletter 1985-1993