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CT General Statutes

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Chapter 392 Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Chapter 400 Real Estate Appraisal

Exceptions to Appraisal Licensing

Regulations of CT State Agencies (“e-regs”)

Regulations Search

Title 20, including all real estate licensee, real estate school, and real estate appraiser regulations

Passing Scores for RE licensees

RE Licensing – Schools and Courses

RE Licensing – Continuing Education

Department of Banking, RE Licensee Fees

RE Brokers and Salesmen

Title 20, Subtitle 20-325d

Title 20, Subtitle 20-328

RE 2015 Property Condition Report (2015 versions currently posted, outdated)

Disposition, Advertising, Sale or Exchange in this State of Real Estate Located in Another State or Jurisdiction

Community Association Managers (CAM)

Title 20, Subtitle 20-452

Title 20, Subtitle 20-453

Title 20, Subtitle 20-461

Home Inspectors

RE Appraisers

Title 20, Subtitle 20-504

Title 20, Subtitle 20-512

Appraisal Management Companies

CT General Assembly

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CT General Assembly Mobile Web Apps (for the most frequently used features)

CT Department of Consumer Protection

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2024 Changes to Real Estate Licensing Laws 

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Real Estate Commission

Real Estate Appraisal Commission

Directions for Looking up a License

License Renewal

License Applications and Information


Appraisal Management Companies

Community Assocation Managers

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Legal Entities

Real Estate Salesperson

Real Estate Teams

Real Estate Schools and Real Estate Appraisal Schools

License Lookup

CT eLicense

2023 Legislative Update

2023 PDF

Fair Housing

CT Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO)

Fair Housing Complaint Process

File a Fair Housing Complaint

CHRO Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

CT General Statutes

Chapter 814c Human Rights and Opportunities (CT Fair Housing statutes)

Connecticut Exceptions to Fair Housing

Miscellaneous Statutes

Matters Involving Licenses

Regulation of Water Supply Wells and Springs

Chapter 416: Department of Consumer Protection

21a-4. Refund of Fees for Unused Permits

21a-7. Powers and Duties of Boards and Commissions within Dept. of Consumer Protection

21a-8. Department’s and Commissioner’s Powers and Duties re Boards and Commissions

21a-9. Uniform Rules of Procedure

21a-10. Staggered Schedule for Renewal of all Licenses, Certificates, Registrations and Permits

21a-10a. Retirement Status License

Transfer of Hazardous Waste Establishments

Reassessment of Residential Building Made with Defective Concrete

Establish Board of Directors for Crumbling Concrete Foundations

Chapter 814c: Human Rights and Opportunities

46a-59. Discrimination in Associations of Licensed Persons Prohibited

46a-64c. Discriminatory Housing Practices Prohibited

46a-80. Denial of Employment Based on Prior Conviction of Crime

Validation re Transfer of Interest in Real Property to Trust Rather than Trustee

Misrepresentations in Public Offering Statements

Rental Agreement: Notice re Operative Fire Sprinkler System

Mortgage Brokers and Lenders Prohibited from Referring Buyers of Real Property

Chapter 876: Attorneys

51-81h. Escrow Agreement Not Invalid When Attorney-at-law, Law Firm or Agent is Escrow Holder

51-87b. Attorneys and Persons Affiliated With Attorneys Prohibited from Referring

51-88a. Attorneys to Complete Real Estate Closings