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Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies

The Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies is dedicated to cutting edge research and the training of skilled individuals for all segments of the industry. We provide numerous services to Connecticut’s real estate professionals and to the Department of Consumer Protection. Our activities embrace many disciplines including finance, statistics, economics and geography. Our teaching and research has long been ranked among the very best programs in the US and Internationally.


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  • How Disasters – Manmade or Natural – Affect the Real Estate Market February 6, 2020
    Boston Globe Real Estate – Realtor Michelle Oates was in her Andover office on Sept. 13, 2018, when she was told to evacuate. As she and her colleagues stood paralyzed in the parking lot, sirens blaring in the distance and helicopters hovering overhead, selling houses was the last thing on her mind. Read article
  • Home Warranties Offer Buyers Protection. Just Don’t Forget the Inspection November 14, 2019
    The Wall Street Journal – Houses are pretty good at keeping secrets. A hairline crack in a pipe or a worn belt on the clothes dryer may go undetected until something goes wrong. Read article
  • Professor John Clapp Researches Plans for Vacant Retail September 6, 2019
    For years, Real Estate Professor John Clapp has been warning of the over-construction of malls and shopping centers, recognizing that the economy wasn’t going to be able to support so many retail locations. Although he officially moved to emeritus status (he dislikes the word retirement) at UConn on Sept. 1, Clapp will continue to work...  […]
  • Grim Forecast: UConn Economist Says Global Change is Reshaping Connecticut, Despite the State’s Best Efforts to Forge Its Own Future May 15, 2019
    Hartford Courant – Economic and demographic changes sweeping across the U.S. and internationally are beyond Connecticut’s control and limit what the state can do to power up growth, a UConn economist told lawmakers Tuesday. Read article
  • Real Estate Center Hosts Annual Celebration April 30, 2019
    The Real Estate Center held its annual end-of-year banquet on Thursday evening in the Rome Ballroom, honoring outstanding students, alumni and other achievers in the field of commercial real estate. Among those honored were: William Carlson, senior managing director at Cigna, with the Lifetime Achievement Award; Keith Kockenmeister, senior managing director of Kroll Bond Ratings,...  […]