Library Data Sources

Title Publisher Date
1970 Census of Housing United States Department of Commerce 1970
Affordable Housing Information U.S. Department of Housing 1986-1992
An Introduction to Residential Appraisal Analysis for Underwriters   1982
American Council of Insurance (ACLI) Data Life Insurance Association of America 1975-1993
America’s Real Estate – National Policy Agenda National Real Estate Committee 1997-1999
Apartment Advisor Cain and Scott 1994-1998
Appraiser News Appraisal Institute 1991-1995
Asia Pacific: Property Review Knight Frank 1999-2001
Banking and Related Laws Department of Banking, Hartford 1995
Banking Center   1986
Boeckh Building Valuation Manual E.H. Boeckh Company 1995-2003
BOMA Experience/Exchange Report Building and Managers Association 1976-2004
Brussels Quarterly Report Catella Property Group 2003-2004
Capital Resources for Real Estate Warren, Gorham, and Lamont 1997-2006
Cities and Markets: Shifts in Urban Development International Federation for Housing and Planning 2003
Cityscape U.S. Department of Housing  2007
Chain Restaurant Industry Review & Outlook Franchise Finance Corporation of America 1996-1999
Commercial Leasing Law and Strategy Leader Publications 1999-2000
Commercial Mortgage Alert CMBS 2001-2002
Comparative Statistics of Industrial & Office RE Mkts The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors 1987-2005
Convenience Store and Petroleum Marketing Industry Review & Outlook Franchise Finance Corporation of America 1998-1999
County and City Data Book U.S. Department of Commerce 1994
Data Sources for Real Estate Decisions UConn Center for Real Estate 1985
Data Sources for Real Estate Market Analysis Pension Real Estate Association 1994
Digest of Real Estate License Laws Association of Real Estate License Law Officials 1993-2005
Dollars and Cents of Multifamily Housing Urban Land Institute 1997-2002
Dollars and Cents of Shopping Centers Urban Land Institute 1969-2008
Economic Indicators Council of Economic Advisors 1990-1999
Existing Home Sales Annual Reports National Association of Real Estate Boards 1966-1986
Emerging Trends in Real Estate Real Estate Research Corporation 1991-2000
Emerging Trends in Real Estate Value Cycles PricewaterhouseCoopers 1999-2000
Federal Housing Finance Board News Federal Housing Finance Board 1990-2000
Federal Reserve Bulletin Federal Reserve System 1998-present
First District Facts Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston 1988-1991
Global Outlook U.S. Department of Housing 2002
Global Real Estate Forecast Knight Frank 2002
Global Real Estate Now PricewaterhouseCoopers 1998-2007
Governance for Urban Change International Federation for Housing and Planning 2004
Home Sales National Association of Realtors 1987-1993
Housing Construction Statistics U.S. Department of Commerce 1889-1964
Housing Demand Index Information Marketing Associates 1989-1993
Housing Market Statistics National Association of Home Builders 1992-2001
Housing Economics National Association of Home Builders 1992-2001
Housing Finance National Association of Realtors 1981-1983
Housing Market Report CD Publications 1990-2006
Housing Starts U.S. Department of Commerce 1991-1995
Housing Statistics of the United States Bernan Press 1999-2001
ICSC Shopping Center Handbook International Council of Shopping Centers 1990-1995
Institutional Real Estate Universe 1996
International Property Bulletin Landauer 1988
Investment Property Report   1998-2001
Investment Strategy Annual LaSalle Investment Management 2000-2001
IREM Income/Expense Analysis Institute of Real Estate Management 1984-2005
Korpacz Real Estate Investor Survey   1992-2004
Land Use Law & Zoning Digest American Planning Association 1994-2003
Lodging Industry U.S./ Worldwide Laventhol, Kerkstein, Horwath & Horwath 1971-1982
Market Profile Urban Land Institute 1990-1994
Market Source Appraisal Institute 1991-1996
Market Trend Analysis Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation 1996-2001
Market Watch LaSalle Investment Management 1999
Marshall Valuation Service Marshall and Swift 1996-present
Mortgage and Real Estate Executives Report Warren, Gorham, and Lamont 1980-2010
Mortgage Market National Association of Real Estate Boards 1964-1974
Mortgage Market Statistical Annual Inside Mortgage Finance Publications Inc. 2000-2012
Multi-Housing & Commercial Investment Report Anne G Beckwith 1993-1995
National Economic Trends Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis 1992-2004
National Policy Agenda The Real Estate Roundtable 2006
National Real Estate Index CB Richard Ellis 1985-1998
New England Economic Indicators Federal Reserve of Boston 1970-1999
OFHEO – Annual Reports to Congress Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight 1995-2003
OFHEO – House Price Index Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight 1996-1998
Property Futures LaSalle Investment Management 2001
Property Market Trends Catella Property Consulants 2001-2005
Property Register for Real Estate Securities SNL Securities 2000-2001
Ranking the Municipalities- Incomes and House Values Center for Urban Policy Research 1994
Real Estate and Appraisal Analysis for Relocation Management   1980-1981
Real Estate Brokerage, Income, Expenses… National Association of Realtors 1985-1991
Real Estate Capital Markets Report Institutional Real Estate 1992-1997
Real Estate Financing Update Warren, Gorham, and Lamont 1985-1993
Real Estate Flash Facts Equitable Real Estate 1996-1999
Real Estate Highlights Knight Frank 2000-2002
Real Estate Investing Letter United Media International 1986-1991
Real Estate Law Report   1996-2010
Real Estate Market Forecast Landauer 1992-1996
Real Estate Outlook ERE Yarmouth Investment Research 1995-1995
Real Estate Outlook National Association of Realtors 1989-2004
Real Estate Report Real Estate Research Corporation 1985-1991
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Barefoot, Marrinan, and Associates 1995
Real Estate Tax Ideas 1986-2000
Real Estate Value Trends Valuation Network Incorporated 1993-1996
Realty Stock Review Dow Jones 1998-2001
REIT Executive Compensation Review SNL Securities 1995-2009
REIT Handbook NAREIT 1994-1998
REIT Quarterly (electronic) SNL Securities 1998-2003
REIT Report NAREIT 1996-1998
REIT Review A. G. Edwards & Sons 1998-2002
REIT Securities Monthly (electronic) SNL Securities 1997-2001
REIT Sourcebook National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, Inc. 1991
REIT Statistics NAREIT 1975-1980
RTC Review   1990-1995
Scope of Shopping Centers in U.S. International Council of Shopping Centers 1992-1994
Secondary Market Weekly Newsletter 1985-1994
Shopping Center Directory (East) The National Research Bureau 1997
Statistical Abstract U. S. U.S. Department of Commerce 1994
Statistical Supplement to the Federal Reserve Bulletin Federal Reserve System 2004-2006
Tax Reform: An Introduction to the Options and Their Effects on Real Estate Deloitte 2005
Term Structures in the Office Rental Market in Stockholm Stockholm Institute for Financial Research 2002
The Finnish Property Market KTI Finland 2001, 2005, 2007
The State of the Nation’s Housing Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University 1998-2008
Trends in the Hotel/Motel Business Harris, Kerr, Foster & Company 1975-1981
Urban Land Supplement Urban Land Institute 1997, 2000-2002
U.S. Housing Markets Meyers Group 1969-2004
ULI Real Estate Forecast Urban Land Institute 1996-1999