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Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies

The Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies is dedicated to cutting edge research and the training of skilled individuals for all segments of the industry. We provide numerous services to Connecticut’s real estate professionals and to the Department of Consumer Protection. Our activities embrace many disciplines including finance, statistics, economics and geography. Our teaching and research has long been ranked among the very best programs in the US and Internationally.


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  • Op-Ed: As Houston, Florida Recover from Hurricanes, Home Values May Drop—Even in Areas That Weren’t Flooded October 5, 2017
    Perceptions of Danger After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, New Yorkers not only had to rebuild their damaged homes, but they also faced a crisis of consumer confidence. Even in areas that weren’t impacted by flooding and storm damage, the value of homes decreased, testimony to the wariness that future homebuyers had...  […]
  • How Much Value Does Regular Maintenance Add to Your Home? September 22, 2017
    Kane County Chronicle – A Farmingdale-based startup is bringing infusion services to rural locations and smaller health-care facilities to spare patients the hassle and extra cost of having to travel far from home. Read article
  • There’s One Major Thing Everyone Gets Wrong About Amazon and the Retail Apocalypse July 24, 2017
    Business Insider – Amazon and the rise of online shopping have been repeatedly blamed for the staggering rate of store closures and bankruptcies disrupting the retail industry in the US. But e-commerce accounts for only a small fraction of the problems pushing many American retailers to the brink of death, according to Doug Stephens, a...  […]
  • CT at Center of Corporate Relocation Strategy July 18, 2017
    Hartford Business Journal – Health insurer Aetna’s decision to relocate top-level employees to New York City, while maintaining the bulk of its workforce in Hartford, is part of a nationwide management trend in which companies are increasingly separating their corporate executives from the rest of their workforce. Read article
  • Are Noisy Airport Flight Paths Discriminatory? July 13, 2017
    As Fed Reserve Scholar, Professor Cohen Explores Airport Noise, Housing Vacancy Ripple Effects Jeffrey Cohen, a professor of finance and real estate, served as a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis for four days in May. During that time, he collaborated with Cletus Coughlin, the Bank’s senior vice president, on research...  […]